Wednesday, March 16, 2016

52 Pounds - 52 Weeks : Ayden Jumps for Gold!

14' 3" Officially - 1st Place!

52 Pounds in 52 Weeks

New Year's 2016 Weight: 240.9

Week Ten Weight: 242.9

Total Weight Loss: +2.0 Pounds

Friday March 11, 2016 - Week 10: 242.9 lbs.
So my weight loss, up until Week 10 here, has not been going well.  Based on where I am at today, just a few days later writing this, I feel like I will be in a much better place before the Week 11 Weigh In!

In other news, what is going good is Ayden's Long Jump!  Up against the Ojai Runners, Ayden ran several events earlier that day and waited all the way to the very end before he could get in his jumps.  Then, when the Youth Boys were called, it was time for the Youth Boys 200m to begin.  Ayden and several other jumpers were in this so he left the pits and hit the track while the Long Jump event took place.  No worry though, they allowed the boys to make the jumps up after the run, and good thing they did because Ayden set a Personal Best (PR).  I think stretching his legs out in the 200 really helped his case with the jump.  Although, the boy who was favorite ended up faulting twice and the one that did count was a foot less than Ayden's.

Ayden receiving the torch in the 4x100m

Dad, that's me, looking off in the distance for his next Hike!

Ayden burning down the stretch in the 200m

Ayden standing next to Lovie Jones

Remember that name, Lovie Jones, if I'm spelling it right.  She is only a bantom now, 3 or 4 years younger than Ayden.  She jumped just an inch shy in the Long Jump, which basically beat the rest of her class by 2+ feet.  You should see her on the track!  She wins the 100 & 200 meters by several seconds.  I've been watching her since she was a Gremlin and if any of these athletes are Olympic bound, it would be her!  Unfortunately, she took a nasty fall last year in the 400m.  She broke her collar bone and arm.  She seems to have fully recovered but only time will tell to see if the injury will hold her back, such as what happened with Alyssa when she broke her arm in soccer, the State Championship Game, several years ago...


Ventura High School Invitational
After the Ojai Meet, we raced back to Ventura to catch the remaining events at Ventura High School.  Alyssa is one of only two Freshmen who made the Varsity squad.  She did not disappoint.  She finished in 2nd place in the 400 meter.  Her time is still right at a minute flat but hopefully if she trains well this year, she will find herself down to the mid 50's.

Alyssa running the 4 x 400
After the long meet, to run an additional 400 meters is insanity.  But, she does it.  Last year for the Tigres her team set a record that had not been broken in nearly 20 years!

In this meet, she also ran the 200 meter and finished 2nd, in 26 seconds.   As she raced the older girls around the first 100 meter turn, she found herself in 5th place at the top of the stretch.  She takes turns well but the older girls just appeared faster.  However, somehow Alyssa kicked it into another gear and roared down the back stretch to the finish line.  She nearly caught the first place runner.  It was wild!

-Memories of the Past along with Events of the Present reward you with Fulfillment! 

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