Saturday, March 12, 2016

Inviting David Stillman on a hike...

Where is David Stillman?

Here is a comment that I left on his last blogpost.  His last post was 9 months ago and my comment was made 9 seconds ago.  I did not proofread the comment but for all to know, this is what I wrote:

Jeremy Jacobus here, a/k/a : 1000 Hikes in 1000 Days!

In 2013, I too retired.  Your blog, among others, was motivational for me to make my journey possible.  Like you, I stopped writing about it, mostly because I stopped hiking every single day, which was insane, but I did it.  Topping it off with Mt. Whitney was satisfaction.  Yet, I missed it.  From time to time I check out my blog, tried a few new things, but then I recently read a comment that was left where I inspired someone else to hike 1000 trails in 1000 days.  I looked him up on Facebook, called him and then hiked Matilija with him, camped at Maple.  It was my first such expedition since 2013.  On 1 day notice, I invited a few   old friends and a couple of them tagged along with.  Now this guy is not only hiking every single day, but he is doing so with my old buddies nearly every time.  I honestly don't know how I did it when I did, but I did.  Those guys are in Death Valley right now and although my life is in the way, I cannot join them, I am writing about now what I have done over the past few years, coming across some pictures and forcing them into blogposts.  I also planned another RV trip, and will be heading to hike up Texas in a couple of weeks.  Still, so many unreached places that I have not hit in the Sespe.  You my man, Mr. Stillman, are something else.  If you would like to come out of retirement, I invite you on an excursion - perhaps I'm asking you to lead the expedition.  But with my tenacity - I'll help organize this mission, to find those Indian Caves by McDonald Cabin - to hike from Ant Camp to Piru, etc.  Let's do this.  I offer you openly my cell phone number: 805 701-6123.  Help inspire me, inspire you, to inspire.  At age 41, this mission is not yet accomplished...

***So, whatever that says, I wrote it and I meant it - can't so much remember it since I am drinking wine from New Zealand - Marlborough Country - a very memorable experience that I had in my 1000 Days.

Well, hopefully with the introduction to Chris Novak and his 1000 Hikes, we can get Mr. Stillman out of retirement - even if just for a day.  Never met the guy, read many of his posts - inspired by his hike.  Like in Poker -- "ONE TIME"...  Hit me up Dave and I'll also invite the Sky Hiker too.  He as well, along with the guy that "Nobody Hikes in LA", I recall from those 1000 Days as my own inspirations and motivators.  We all just did this because we do.  I can speak for myself that I made no money doing it and I would pay to do what I do.  Consider, I am a guy motivated by money, you must understand that these outdoors must be very special to me.  I assume they are for you as well.  HIT ME UP, if you see this.  Otherwise, I will haunt, i mean, Hunt you down and force a conversation.  

-I'll meet you at the next camp.  Just go ahead at your pace and know I have the will to meet you there! 


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