Friday, March 11, 2016

Missouri Headwaters State Park - Source of the Missouri River

Leftover Picture from Yellowstone

Missouri Headwaters State Park - Montanta
Jefferson River - Madison River - Gallatin River
Spring Break 2015 - Adventure #5
Tripometer: 1 mile  *  ~+/-0 Feet  *  1/2 Hour

About two hours from the North Entrance of Yellowstone, off I-90 outside the town of Three Forks, we randomly came upon Missouri Headwaters State Park.  Our drive time was good so we took action when we saw the brown park sign and headed a few miles off the highway to take a closer look...

While Ayden was on the phone, I was reading the signs and learned that this area actually marks the source of the mighty Missouri.  Wasn't there a song about that rive ~"Oh Shenandoah".  Pretty sure I sung that in 10th grade choir with Wally & Scott.

2 1/2 months to float to the Gulf of Mexico

Who wants to test for accuracy?

Hunting Rabbits

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**Just kidding, but if they have me, I would Cruise Across America to promote the company ~"wink - wink"

Back in the day, I owned a 38' Diesel Pusher and then a 34' RV with slideouts.  I custom designed the inside of my RV but unfortunately, well, things happened and I let it go in my lowest of times.  One day I do hope to purchase a new RV, but in the meantime, Cruise Across America is amazing!  Just look for the one way specials and combine that with cheap air fair, etc. - you can seriously plan a week long family vacation for around $1k!  The RV is not top of the line, it doesn't have a TV or slideouts, but think about it - would you see a movie while being on vacation?  WHY?  Why watch TV?!  Okay, Okay - so I have taken vacations and went to the theater and heck on one Saturday night, I recall Jess watching a Lifetime Movie.  OMG, so frustrating.  I get it, relax, etc.  It makes sense.  I need to figure that out one day - when I'm like 90!

So yay, good idea for a family getaway - and we're doing it again in a couple weeks from now.  Seems like this may be my Spring Bring Ritual from here on it.  I've come a long way since sophomore year in Ohio when I spent 5 days in the woods with my dudes.  

-There is no fence wrapped around this backyard!

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