Monday, March 14, 2016

Chicago Millennium Park - Riverwalk

That's me, far left, jumping at Millennium Park
Chicago - Millennium Park
Chicago Riverwalk
August 12, 2015
3+ Miles - 1/2 Day

Heading towards the *Sears Tower
*I think they have a new name for the building but I learned it as the Sears Tower, so we will go with that.  Driving in Chicago is a nightmare.  You think that I would be used to it, living in the LA area but it's just different.  I don't live in the city and finding street parking in this city is madness.  But the experience was neat.  We found ourselves driving in the underground tunnels.  It was like a city beneath the city.

Suggestion, pay the $25 to park in a lot.  However, after driving around for 30 minutes, we finally did find a 2 hour space.  It was right next to a pizza joint - Chicago Pizza, yummy - so this worked out.  It was nearby Millennium Park, which was our destination...

After refilling the parking meter with my credit card, grand total now over $10 -- we continued to walk around the downtown area...

President Trump Building

We found our way down to the Riverwalk region.  This would lead out to the famous Navy Pier, but we didn't go out because my wife went there the day prior.  She did that while Ayden and I were in Vegas.  This blog is about my hikes, not hers, so I'm not sharing.  Plus, I don't have any of her pics...

-Nominate Jacobus for President - It's not too late to take out Trump!

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