Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Zion Canyon - Bryce Canyon (The Narrows - Navajo Loop Trail)

Bryce Canyon - Navajo Loop Trail
Spring Break - 2015

Last year we rented an RV from Montana to Phoenix.  We traveled to many places on went on several short hikes.  I never updated the blog, but Bryce Canyon is much worth sharing.  Since Mt. Whitney, 2013, I pretty much hiked for myself - did not take pictures for the next blogpost like I had before.  But, for your enjoyment pleasures, here are some pics that I came across on this 2.5 - 5 mile loop hike with approx 500 feet elevation change - just a guess.  Do your own DD for this one...

Picture is worth sharing twice :)

Zion National Park - The Narrows

After an overnight in Bryce, we drove to Zion on the next day.  The dive in through the red canyon was amazing.  Bryce and Zion are a MUST on life's to do list.  The only pictures that I could find from this trip were from my solo hike in the Narrows.

Jess and Ayden walked with me down the mile easy path to the water.  You will see that many people our hear are prepared with gear to hike through the freezing cold water.  It was early April, so the water was just above freezing and I trekked it for another mile with bare feet.  Basically it works out like, make a mad dash through the water to the next island.  The canyon walls get taller, you go deeper into the Narrows and eventually, your foot warming islands stretch to thin and the water gets deeper to your thighs.  I went as far as I could, especially considering I had a patient wife and kid waiting for me at the rivers edge.  Ayden was going to go, but the cold water was too chill for his toes.

These Narrows go back to a day + hike and overnight.  There are eventual gaps to climb up out of but you will be wading through water most your journey.  People have died back here, flash floods, etc.  The place is dangerous but I would like to tackle it in the warmer summer months - especially when there is no rain in the forecast.  Perhaps one day - but it took me 40 years to get here in the first place so, I guess I am happy with what I did do.

Bryce and Zion are great.  There are many more hikes to do back here.  In fact, all of Utah - more National Parks, etc.  I imagine I will make a revisit.  Hopefully I will have the strength, energy and courage to really enjoy it. --If you haven't been to these places and you are stuck on your IPhone, or watching TV, let me tell you - Drop what you are doing and plan a trip...

For this trip, we took a week+, rented a car, drove one way to Vegas, flew to Portland, OR, rented a car, drove to Spokane, hopped a Greyhound to Mizzoula, jumped in a cab, rented the RV and dropped it off in Carson.  The entire trip, including gas for the RV which made up more than half the expense, worked out to be about $1500 for three people!!!  Yup...

And I just did it again.  Planned one to Houston - Phoenix and will be making many stops along the way; including Cleveland, Texas and the Highest Peak in Texas.  I just hope the weather is good for that one and my wife doesn't turn back.  It will be a challenging hike and I will be devastated if she does not complete it with me, which means I won't complete it.  --

The RV will be $240 for the week.  That is it!!!  My flight for three, to Houston, including bags, is only $125!!  Oh, and to get back from Phoenix, my rental car is, get this; only $12.10 (One Way - Including Taxes and Fees).  Gas is cheaper now too, especially by not being in Cali.  This trip will be under $1k, including food and gas.  Insane!!!  And, Priceless Memories.  With so much left over cash, I'm going to have to plan something more to do in Houston or San Antonio.  I need to build up a city experience for the wife before I take her to the mountain...  Stay tuned for that trip and as I go back over things from the past few years, I will share.  Once day, perhaps this blog will be relevant and organized for the entire Nation - World!

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