Friday, March 11, 2016

Mammoth Hot Springs - Yellowstone National Park - Lamar Valley

Look into my Eyes!

Mammoth Hot Springs - Yellowstone National Park
Drive to Lamar Valley
Spring Break 2015 - Adventure #4
Tripometer: 2 miles  *  ~+/-100 Feet  *  1 Hour

--The Tripometer for this post is based on the hike at Mammoth Hotsprings...

I-90 East - The evening prior
 We drove into the night until the white out occurred.  The snow was thick and impassable.  We found a random place to pull off, slept well in the RV that night and then took off to Yellowstone early that morning.

Knowing the road to the south was closed, Route 89 - I believe - we could not cut through all of Yellowstone.  This also prevented us from seeing Old Faithful.  It is common in the winter months where the roads are closed due to snow plowing.  Thus, the only way to do it is from the North where you can go west to east, through Lamar Valley.

For us, we drove to Lamar Valley, made the uturn and then came all the way back to I-90 then to I-15.  This RV trip was really about taking I-15 from North to South.  This Yellowstone Detour basically took us all day, but it was worth it...

Elk Series:
Drive Carefully!

Mammoth Hot Springs

 The town is open for business.  Not much going on so we took it to the boardwalk trail.  Steam arises and the trail system mazes around for a few miles.  I pretty much did it all, even when Jess and Ayden returned to the RV to warm up...

Bison Series

WOLF - No, Coyote

Rocky Mountain Goats

Grizzly Bear

Do not exit the vehicle

The Grizzly was the most exciting part about Yellowstone.  Can you actually say that you have seen one in the wild before?  This dude just waltz across the road like nothing.  The onlookers did not distract his determination.  He continued to march into the distance without halting his stride for nothing.  No crevice could deter this bear.  Far off the hillside, a herd of Bison began shifting their organization away from the Bear route.  So much command the Grizzly has.  Simply put - Awesome!

Old Bearded Bison - Grandpas leading the herd

-Yellowstone pacifies your soul

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