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Lost Creek State Park - Anaconda - Pintler Scenic Route - Georgetown Lake - Montana

The Waterfall!
Lost Creek State Park - Montana
Anaconda - Pintler Scenic Route - Georgetown Lake
Spring Break 2015 - Adventure #3
Tripometer: 2.5 miles  *  ~+/-50 Feet  *  1 Hour

--The Tripometer for this post is based on the hike at Lost Creek...

We hopped a Greyhound from Spokane and ended up in Missoula where our Green Cab was waiting as agreed.  Ready to load up the RV - Let's call this a Trip!

Ayden found his bed

The Kitchen and rear Master Bedroom

Town of Drummond
From Missoula, head East on I-90 and exit in Drummond and take Route 1 South, The Anaconda - Pintler Scenic Route.  If your RV'ing and you're up this way, taking this scenic route is a no brainer...

Anaconda - Pintler Scenic Route (Route 1)

Pass the town of Philipsburg

Or stop to see the fire


Our RV

Fireman! - Extra credit for the hike in the town to the fire source!

Georgetown Lake

Industrial Reveloution

Town of Anaconda

Lost Creek State Park

 Not far past the town of Anaconda you will see the turn off for the park.  In the winter months, you can only drive to the gate as it is locked - so the hike begins.
Follow the paved road on foot

As you gain elevation, the road does being to fill with snow.  The elevation gain is nothing drastic, but the snow line just happens be at this altitude.  It's quite, no one around.  Afraid of bears?  Jess and Ayden were so they went back to the RV.  I insisted to carry on.

The hike itself is not really worth it, but the solitude and sound of nothingness was amplifying.  I did not see any bears, but I did find the Waterfall:

The road leads to a campgrounds, which I assume gets use in the summer months.  I was persistent and trekked past all the open sites and found the single track trail to the falls.  Finally off the road, the trail itself was paved as well and lasted a minute.  Not much of a hike, but overall, we were in a remote area with absolute nothing.  It was Great!

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