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Eat This For Lunch! - No, not the Squirrel!


RAN 3.01 MI ON 3/18/2016



285 ft
Thousand Oaks, CA, United States
Jeremy Jacobus Best Time: 60:00
This is a 3.01 mi route in Thousand Oaks, CA, United States. The route has a total ascent of 285.98 ft and has a maximum elevation of 941.99 ft. This route was created by Jeremy85135177 on 03/18/2016. View other maps that Jeremy85135177 has done or find similar maps.

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500 m 

It was another Lunch Break Hike for me.  Management brought in Toppers Pizza so I could not resist the temptation of - 4 Slices!!!  After three consecutive days of leaving over 1000 calories on the table, I easily bit into that reserve today, until the hike that is...


What a way to begin a hike!  I jogged for a moment to reach the spot, and then up - up - we go!  This 30% grade is relentless for 200 feet with no forgiveness.  This is an ankle sprainer - calf horser - Achilles Shredder!  For the strong fit, congrats if you can Walk up the entire challenge with no pause.  Not even a thought about running up it - but if you can, please share video; Insanity Incline!


No time to relax.  Head it back down now.  --The incline lead to the rock formation found at the top of the hill from my last lunch break, two days prior.  Then, I walked a figure 8 around in my business suit.  Today, prepared with Under Armor and strapped in my Sauconys, it was one picture, snap, and back down.  With no destination in mind, I picked the tower on the hill in the distance.  If you blow up the picture you will see what appears to be a trail system of sorts?

At the bottom of the hill, meeting McCloud, I crossed the street, headed into the apartments, rounded to the back, climbed a hill behind a garage and it brought me here:

Legit Trail!
 I thought I was, wasn't 100% sure, but in fact was, the Botanic Gardens of Thousand Oaks.  A glance back to Day 15:

 Day 15: Conejo Valley Botanic Garden

Of course, the main entrance is around the block, over a mile+ from my man made entrance today, but if I would have just gone one apartment complex over, there is actually a back gate.  I discovered this after my loop around the park today and eventually exited through there - right next to where I saw the squirrel.

Hmm, Add that hill to my Lunch Break Bucket List

So I was in route to head back to work, but then remembered all the Pizza that I had so I figured I should take advantage of the end of the fence in the apartment complex and switch back up the hill there.  After stomping over brush and cactus, I met up with a footpath, reached the top of the unnamed hill and shot a picture:

Firework Hill

In clear site is the hill that I came down after the start of this hike.  It doesn't look like much, but pictures, at least the way I am taking them with this cheap phone camera, do not really give you the full perspective, rather, an idea.

So I am back up to the off trail that I finished my last lunch break hike the other day.  This trail system probably once worked, but they are doing new construction up here and a fence stops you from a level playing field.  Last time I forced my way back down the apartments, which was at one point a butt and hand combo of sliding down the loose rock.  Today, instead, although knowing to be late for my work return, I found a way to hop the fence, jog through the construction zone and then back to the streets, back to work.  Quite an Adventure!  Now I just had to finish the last couple of hours of the work week in sweat.  Fortunately I I brought a change of clothes...

-Because if You Don't, then You will Never Know!

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